2017 Fishing Tournament Statistics


Award Boat Name lbs/Species Captain Prize Sponsored by
1st place Seaspice 385.0 lbs Valdez Thomas $6,500 + Trophy Casablanca + TWC
2nd place Spinning Reels363.5 lbs Codney Capron $3,500 + Trophy GE
3rd place In$Tuition218.5 lbs Pierre Magnier $2,500 + Trophy Interhealth Canada
Heaviest Fish Day 1 In$Tuition67.0 lbs/Wahoo Pierre Magnier $2,000 + Trophy La Vista Azul
Heaviest Fish Day 2 Vision & Balance68.0 lbs/Wahoo Chris Osbourne $2,000 + Trophy Carlisle Supply
Largest Mahi-Mahi Due West30.0 lbs/Mahi Mahi Bruce Barron $2,000 + Trophy Scotiabank

*20% of ALL winnings will be donated charity*

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